Memberfy Membership System

Help Guide

System Overview

Memberfy Membership System is the all-in-one system you will need for for managing your organization's memberships. It's especially well suited for sports clubs and recreation clubs that require physical check-in, in addition to online membership management.

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Key Features

For Members

  1. Online membership self-service. Gives each member their own account in a web app where they can purchase and make changes to their membership

  2. Barcode check-in. Gives each member a digital barcode to check-in quickly and easily

  3. Mobile friendly. The web app works great on mobile, is fast, and easy to use

For Organization Managers

  1. Easy check in members with barcode scanning. Ability to quickly check each member's status by scanning the member's barcode, or looking up the member by email/phone number the admin web app

  2. Sell customizable memberships online. Easily configure and sell various membership types, including one-time plans, recurring plans, and family plans

  3. Robust administrative features, including viewing/editing member details, viewing check-in logs, viewing payment history, exporting data to spreadsheets (eg. Excel), and manage permissions for other employee accounts